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Mozilla Firefox browser

Introduction of Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox Browser is a latest, fast and one of the most prominent browser. It is light in speedy web browser.  Mozilla Firefox Browser was launched first time in 2004, since that it has included much features. That’s why Mozilla Firefox Browser is much popular and it is included in top 3 web browsers. You can feel pleasure in casual surfing in the cyber world as well as intensive research. The unique features that made the Mozilla Firefox popular, reliable and fast are the simple and efficacious UI.Mozilla Firefox Browser can be used for Window 7, 8 and 10. Mozilla Firefox Browser has strong security capabilities and error free browser.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

The best feature of the Firefox UI is self customization. From many years, Mozilla Firefox Browser marked time leading browsers in the industry. For update and improved the browser’s speed and privacy, Mozilla introduced Quantum in 2017. Mozilla isn’t known well for extensions, but it introduced the famous Facebook container extension, which permits users to place Facebook like and share buttons directly into the Facebook container extension. Mozilla Firefox Browser also manages the complexity of video and webs that contains layer based Direct 2D and Direct 3D graphic systems.

Mozilla Firefox is a lightweight browser?

Mozilla Firefox Brower is very lightweight and tidy browser. If we compare the latest version of Firefox to the previous version then we can say that it is two time faster than that. Firefox is also available in Lite version. If any user that lives in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India and Pakistan, He can download Lite version from play store and can install on their Android mobile phone. User can browse heavy videos and websites without any error and boasts impressive page load speeds using this Mozilla Firefox Brower.

Security and Comprehensive password manager

User can block third-party cookies by using this Mozilla Firefox Brower. Firefox also protects your computer from any virus or online threat after installing. By many times when user tries to open any website then it says for login password and some time user forgot the password and it is very painful moment to re-login after creating new account. But now Mozilla Firefox Browser has been upgraded with “Lockbox Password Manager”. By using Lockbox Password Manager user can automatically and securely save his passwords and can conveniently log in across devices. Mozilla Firefox has also introduced the “Firefox Monitor” which allows users to check emails address that can be involved in data contravention.

General Information about Mozilla Firefox Brower

Title:                    Mozilla Firefox for PC Windows


Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP,

Language:                                             English

Available languages:

English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish

Category:                                                 Browsers

License:                                                    Free

Author:                                                     Mozilla Organization

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